Supply Chain Management
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    Since our inception in 1987, we have always placed the customers' needs as ours; we have developed vital business tools in our Supply Chain Management (SCM) to further enhance your business needs for growth in the highly competitive market.
    SCM is a cross functional management of the movement of raw materials into an organization and the full BOM out of the organization towards the end customers. It comprises the entire value chain from sourcing, procurement, conversion of parts, logistics management to collaboration and coordination with our suppliers and customers.


    Kitting Services
   In today's highly competitive manufacturing world, more companies are looking at the efficiency of resource deployment. Companies are driving aggressively to increase their revenues and profits, but not additional resources in employees.
   To achieve their objectives, some of these companies have engaged our kitting services. Lead by a team of experienced procurement managers and engineers, we provide you with a One-Stop service business model via the followings:
   One-Stop Vendor to supply your requirements
   Cost management on BOM reduction
   Consolidated shipments in Kit form
   Sourcing service for replacement or shortage
   Inventory management against forecast
   Flexible Paymen

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